Paris Was a Woman



“Paris was a Woman” tells the story of a fictional character Eleanor, an aspiring British poetess, that encounters the incredible writer and salon hostess, Natalie Barney (a real historical figure) in the heart of Paris. On this life changing journey, Eleanor not only discovers her true sexuality, but also her unimaginable possibilities as a female writer, a woman with a voice, at the dawn of the 20th century!

After acquiring an invitation to Natalie Barney’s literary salon, Eleanor excited at the prospects of meeting famous writers, drags  her wealthy Italian husband Edoardo, to mingle with the bohemian creatives of 1920s Paris. Natalie Barney immediately takes a liking to Eleanor, offering her a promising future as a writer. Despite her husband’s hesitation, Eleanor embarks on a journey to the italian country side, to embellish her knowledge and writing skills with the aid of the influential Ms. Barney. Little does Eleanor know that this would be the journey of a lifetime, transforming her entire universe. 

Natalie Barney, the Amazon, was a famous literary salon hostess during 1890 all the way through the 1960. Her life’s work was dedicated to support writers and predominantly promote female writers. Under the roof of her enchanting home in Paris, gathered many creatives such as Colette, Ezra Pound, Gabriele D’Annunzio, F. Scott Fitzgerald, T. S Eliot, James Joyce, Rodin, Hemingway, Djuna Barnes, R.M. Rilke, Dorothy Wilde, Isadora Duncan and other leading figures of the Lost Generation. 

Being a lesbian herself, Natalie provided a safe haven for LGBT writers and creators of the time.